Other Education Programs

 Lunch Program for Adults

a picture of soup and a sandwich Monthly programs covering a wide variety of topics over soup and sandwich at 12 pm. Please register to ensure we have enough soup! $5 Ph. 920 849 1471

This Month’s Topic: Using Technology in Conservation

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and is being used in some novel ways to help preserve the earths biodiversity.

Date;  Tues., March 17, noon            

Feeding Critters

The face of a snapping turtle

Sat., Jan. 4, 9 am       Sat., Jan. 25, 9 am

Sat., Feb. 8, 9 am        Sat., Feb. 29 9 am

By donation

Help a naturalist to feed the animals we have here at the nature center. Learn some interesting facts about our critters and their daily care. 

This is a hands-on program for kids. 

Guided Winter Snowshoe Hike

snow with a shadow of a person. There is the toe of a traditional snowshoe in the bottom left corner

This hike will be on snowshoes if conditions allow, otherwise it will be a boot hike.

$6 per person (includes snowshoe rental)

Check here for hike schedule

Learn about the history of snowshoes and take a naturalist-guided snowshoe hike in the park. Discover how the plants and animals of Wisconsin are adapted to surviving our cold season and experience the beauty of the woods in winter. This program is for all ages and abilities.

Hike will be cancelled at windchills of -20F or below.

Yoga at the Nature Center

A person doing a sitting yoga pose on a hill at sunsetAn 8 Week Course; 

Wed., March 4 to Wed., April 22, 5:30-6:15 pm

$80 for 8 weeks

Drop-ins welcome $12 per class

Certified Yoga instructor Jess Gruenke will be teaching Vinyasa style yoga. This style focuses on yoga poses that are sequenced to a flow of breathing.  This practice builds strength, flexibility, and balance while teaching focus, relaxation, and self-acceptance.” This program is perfect for all levels, beginners welcome.

Snowy Owls

A snowy owlSaturday, Feb. 29th, 1 pm

By donation

Annie from ’Outdoors with Paul and Annie’ will be coming to do a program about the majestic snowy owl. The program will discuss the biology of the species and Annie’s experience with transmitter tagging the owls to gain information about migration patterns. She and her sister will talk in depth on their first hand experience, while showing a series of pictures they were able to capture during that time!

This program is part of our guest speaker series. 

No need to register, just show up!

The Art of Native American Dance

A black and white drawing of a native american dancer

Sun.,March 15 at 10:20 am and 11:20 am (2 performances)

By donation

Many people have heard of Pow Wows but fewer have attended one or understand the various dance styles or protocols. In this program, inductee to the Wisconsin Pow Wow Hall of Fame - Marin Webster Denning, will explain traditional dance regalia piece by piece and describe the meaning behind the designs. At the end, attendees will not only know more about Native dance, but they will also have an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned! This is a fun, fast moving program perfect for all ages and abilities. 

These dance performances will be part of the Maple Syrup Sunday event.

Click here for more information on Maple Syrup Sunday

A Guest Speaker Series program.

*This program was partially provided by a grant from the Oneida Seeds Foundation.*

Prairie Chickens

A male prairie Chicken displaying brown and white speckled feathers and an inflated yellow air sacSat., April 18, 12:30 pm

By donation

Annie and Paul Mueller from ’Outdoors with Paul and Annie’ will share their experiences in the field working with Prairie Chickens. Come and learn about the biology and conservation of this spectacular bird. See unique pictures and videos that they were able to capture during their time in the field!

A Guest Speaker Series program.