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Workshops are designed to be hands-on, creative, social, and fun! 

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Generally all materials are provided so we require advanced payment when signing up. 

Group sizes are small so early sign-up is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Upcoming Workshops

Winter Gnomes & Wreath Making WorkshopA Holiday Wreath with a red bow, 2 pictures of gnomes made with evergreen boughs, tree ornaments

Saturday, December 3rd @ 10am-12pm

Join us in making a natural holiday Wreath or a wacky Winter Gnome with traditional greens! 

For the traditional wreath, bring your own wreath frame, wire cutter, and any decorative add-ons you would like. Green materials and wreath wire will be provided.

$1 per inch of wreath diameter, eg. 12" frame = $12 per wreath OR Make a cute, 3ft outdoor Winter Gnome to decorate your doorstep! All materials provided - $18 per gnome.

Nature’s Ornaments

Saturday, December 3rd @ 10am-3pm

During and after the Wreath and Gnome making workshop...Let the kids create their own Nature’s Ornaments from natural materials. You can also make some too! All materials provided. By donation.

Pre-registration required for all workshops. 

Holiday Tree Table Centerpiece 

Saturday, 10th 1pm.

Bring the kids and each make a rustic holiday tree from wooden beads. Attach them all to a large wood cookie to make a family forest table centerpiece. Paint or decorate them if you wish. A fun activity for the family to do together. $18 – up to 3 trees. Pre-registration required. 

PeanA chickadee standing on a homemade suet cake. The cake is hanging from a branch.ut Butter Suet Making – Kids Workshop

Saturday, 17th December 10am

It’s important to ensure the survival of our feathered friends during these cold days. Keep the birds fed this winter by letting the kiddos learn how to make their own peanut butter suet bird feeders! Following a demonstration by a naturalist, families will get to melt down their own ingredients and mix in some yummy extras that are sure to bring all the birds to the yard! Each child will get to take home the suet that they make themselves.
All materials will be provided. Limit 20. $2 per child.

Wood slice snowmanWood-slice Snowmen

Saturday, December 17th at 1:00pm. 

We know how fun it is to get festive! Register today to make a wood-slice snowman for your home, standing 2.5 feet tall. Paint on a joyful face and buttons, or bring your own materials to give your snowman its own flair! Wood and paint will be provided. Please bring other materials as you wish (scarf, hat, buttons, etc.). Limit of 20. Pre-registration required. $12.00 per person.

Relax to the Max: Bath Salts Workshop 

Saturday, January 7th at 1:00pm

These 3 bath time recipes are sure to make your next soak a sensation! It’s amazing to see how many health benefits you can receive just from taking the time to care for yourself with a 20 minute salt bath. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to create 2 natural blends of bath salts, as well as 1 salt scrub mix. A naturalist will go through the perks of each ingredient before you begin, so that you may choose a combination that will be most beneficial for you!

Naturalist-led a demonstration & all materials provided.$12.00 per person - each person takes home (2) 4oz. jars of bath salt mixes and (1) 4oz. jar of salt scrub. 

Online registration closes on December 28th, 2022. Pre-registration required. Limit of 20.

Traditional Soap Making- Plant basedsoap

Saturday, January 14th at 10:00am-12:00pm

No melt and pour here! Learn the traditional soap making method so that you are able to craft safe, plant based bars for your family and friends. This workshop will cover the equipment you need, options for ingredients and the process. Participants will be guided through making their own batch of soap. This is a hands on workshop and you will take home 4 different bars. $15 per person. Pre-registration required. Limit of 20.

Winter Survival Workshop

Saturday, Jan 14th at 1:00pm-3:00pm

Would you know how to survive and stay warm if you were stranded somewhere during winter?

Tiffany Schulz, has over 15 years in teaching Outdoor Adventure skills and will share some tips and tricks about surviving and having fun in Wisconsin winters.  Topics of discussion will include the 3 layer clothing system, winter shelters, emergency shelters and some tried and true ways to help keep yourself warm. This program will be outdoors and hands on, designed for teens and adults. $15 per person. Limit of 20.

A must for anyone who spends time outdoors in Wisconsin in winter!

Nature’s Mossy FrameNatures Mossy Frame

Saturday, January 21st at 10:00am 

In this workshop, you will be creating your own artificial “living art piece” on a 9x12” picture frame! Bring a bit of life back into your home in the midst of the winter season using faux moss and other beautiful nature-themed materials. All materials provided, bring a wire clipper if you have one. Pre-registration required. Registration closes on January 14th. $14 per person. Limit of 15.

Crescent Moon Pendant Wrap exampleCrescent Moon Pendant Wrapping

Saturday, January 28th at 10:00am

Learn how to wrap your own moon-shaped pendant! Choose the color of pendant and wire from an assortment to match your favorite color scheme. Follow the wrapping style demonstration step-by-step directions, or get creative and wrap your pendant in your own unique way! Make one for yourself, and another for a gift if you like! When registering, please indicate how many pendants you’d like to make. Each pendant will come with a cord and jewelry clasps to fashion into a necklace. $8.00 per pendant. Please bring a needle nose pliers. All other materials provided. Pre-registration required. Registration closes on Jan. 18th. Limit of 20.