Winnebago Waterways

Winnebago Waterways is a regional effort to advance lake planning and management of the Lake Winnebago System. In 2012, Calumet County, along with Fond du Lac County, Winnebago County, Waushara County, and several other agencies and organizations began working together to find solutions to managing this large local water resource. Today, the program is nearing the final stages of drafting the first comprehensive lake plan for the system since 1989. Please visit the Winnebago Waterways website for more up-to-date information on the program and to join in on the effort. 

Project History

Lake Planning on the Winnebago System

The last comprehensive lake management plan for the Winnebago System was written in 1989. This plan guided local groups, local agencies, and WDNR in prioritizing projects and programs aimed at improving this large, valuable local resource. Many of the recommendations outlined in the plan were accomplished with assistance from the various stakeholder group. However, much has changed on the system since 1989. Efforts are underway to significantly update a system-wide Lake Management Plan. This new plan may serve as guide once again, and open up new opportunities for funding that the System is currently not eligible for with an outdated plan. Winnebago Comprehensive Management Plan (1989) (PDF)

Phase I - Initial Stakeholder Engagement (2013)

Thank you for your interest in the Weigh-in on the Winnebago Waterways project. Phase 1 of the project engaged the public and asked them to identify key issues affecting the Winnebago System, as well as what they like about the System, and suggestions for making the System even better. This page provides information about the results of the public engagement process

You may view a summary of the engagement efforts (PDF), or feel free to view the full report online (PDF). If you would like to review all of the raw data and information we collected during the process, you are invited to review the appendices online (PDF).

Phase II - Cooperative Management (2014 to 2015)

Phase I of the Winnebago Waterways project solicited input from the general public and various stakeholder groups regarding issues and current management of the Winnebago System. Results included strong support to identify a way for all stakeholder, both government and non-government, to manage the system cooperatively. But what does that mean? The Winnebago Waterways partners obtained a DNR Lake Planning Grant to research options for cooperative management to begin to determine a more cohesive approach to managing the Lake Winnebago waterways system. The overall goal of their effort is to ensure the Winnebago waterways system is managed in such a way as to protect and enhance the health of the water resources, economy, and quality of life in the region. Bluestem Communications and partner, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT) were retained to research cooperative management and provide a third party recommendation for the Winnebago System. Read the findings (PDF). View the Phase II report (PDF).

We urge you to view the short videos about the project.

We hope you continue to Weigh-in on the Winnebago Waterways as this long term project continues. 

Five County Fall Meeting - October 4, 2016 Presentations

Early Phases and Future Direction of Winnebago Waterways (PDF)

Lake PlanningTotal Maximum Daily Load (PDF)

Opportunities for Partnership (PDF)