The Recycle-Bowl is a national recycling competition sponsored by the non-profitRecycle Bowl organization, Keep America Beautiful (KAB), that helps establish and promote recycling programs in schools and communities. Through this competition, KAB hopes to educate students, faculty, staff, and community members about the importance of recycling, as well as providing them with the necessary resources to start their own recycling programs.

How It Works

The Recycle-Bowl is a month long recycling competition in which schools collect and weigh their recyclable materials. The materials collected and weighed during the competition period are then divided by the school's student and teacher populations to determine the per capita recycling rate for the school. By using this method, it makes it possible for small and large schools to compete on equal terms. At the end of the competition, the results are tallied for all of the participants, and prizes are given out to the top performing schools.

PurposeRecycle Waste Materials into New Products

The primary mission of the Recycle-Bowl is to educate students about the importance of recycling, and provide positive reinforcement for good recycling behaviors at a young age.

By participating in this competition, schools that do not have an already established recycling program are given the opportunity to use a wide-range of educational resources to create the most efficient recycling program for their school. An efficient recycling program will not only reduce the amount of natural resources going to the landfill, but also save schools money by decreasing their disposal fees. Even if you already have an established recycling program, the Recycle-Bowl can be used as an excellent tracking mechanism to audit your recycling program's efficiency on a yearly basis - as well as allow you to compare your results with other schools.


To participate in the Recycle-Bowl, you may either register by going to the Keep America Beautiful website and following their registration instructions, or by working with the County's Hazardous Waste and Recycling Coordinator.

By working with the County, we will be able to provide you with additional resources and information about the program, as well as help you create the most efficient recycling program possible. The County will help you analyze your current recycling practices, register your program with KAB, provide a tracking system for your recycling weights, and submit your data at the end of the competition. If you are interested in participating, please call 920-849-1493, ext. 2404 or email the Recycling Program.