Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive plan is a local government's guide to community physical, social, and economic development. Comprehensive plans are not meant to serve as land use regulations in themselves. Instead, they provide a rational basis for local land use decisions with a 20-year vision for future planning and community decisions. Plans must be developed in accordance with Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

Year 2025 Plan

In May 2007, Calumet County adopted its Year 2025 Comprehensive Plan. The plan was comprehensively amended in February 2012 to reflect updated statistical and factual data. A minor amendment to the plan was completed in December 2016. The Calumet County 2025 Comprehensive plan is broken up into two parts:

  1. Inventory and Trends Report (PDF)
  2. Recommendations Report (PDF)

Towns Adopting the Plan

The Towns of Brothertown, Charlestown, Chilton, New Holstein, Rantoul, Stockbridge and Woodville and the Village of Potter adopted the county's Comprehensive Plan, but developed land use chapters specific for their community. The county adopted and incorporated the individual township land use chapters into the county's overall Comprehensive Plan in February 2008. These chapters were updated and subsequently adopted by the county as part of the February 2012 comprehensive amendments. The Towns of Charlestown and Stockbridge have not adopted the 2012 amendments. However, the amendments were adopted into the county's plan and are in effect by the county. Contact the County Planner for more information regarding these plans.

Communities not mentioned developed their comprehensive plans independent of the county. To view those plans, you need to contact those municipalities directly.