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Community Health Assessment & Improvement

Community Health Assessment

The purpose of a community health assessment is to learn about the community: the health of the population, contributing factors to higher health risks or poorer health outcomes of identified populations, and community resources available to improve the health status. A community health assessment describes the health of the population, identifies areas for health improvement, identifies contributing factors that impact health outcomes, and identifies community assets and resources that can be mobilized to improve population health.

A community health assessment is a collaborative process of collecting and analyzing data and information for use in educating and mobilizing communities, developing priorities, garnering resources or using resources in different ways, adopting or revising policies, and planning actions to improve the population's health. The development of a community health assessment involves the systematic collection and analysis of data and information to provide a sound basis for decision-making and action. Community health assessments are conducted in partnership with other organizations and members of the community and include data and information on demographics; socioeconomic characteristics; quality of life; community resources; behavioral factors; the environment (including the built environment); morbidity and mortality; and other social determinants of health status. 

     2018 Calumet County Community Health Report-Executive Summary
     2018 Tri-County Community Health Report- Executive Summary
     2019 FVCHIC Press Release Community Health Survey
     2019 FVCHIC Press Release Community Health Survey- Spanish

     2015 Community Health Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a long-term, systematic effort to address health issues based on the results of assessment activities and the community health improvement process. This plan is used by public health in collaboration with community partners, to set priorities and coordinate and target resources.  A CHIP is critical for developing policies and defining actions to promote health.  It defines the vision for the health of the community.  

        2012-2017 Community Health Improvement Plan 

Healthiest Calumet County 

The Healthiest Calumet County Community Health Improvement Steering Committee was established in 2012. The Healthiest Calumet County steering committee consists of representatives from public health, local health care agencies, schools, businesses, and the community working together to help everyone live better and longer.

Community action teams were created to address the health priorities identified by the community health assessments. Currently, two action teams are addressing the following health issues:

1. Physical Activity and Nutrition - U-CAN (Calumet Activity and Nutrition)  U-CAN is a physical activity and nutrition coalition whose goal is to empower Calumet County residents to build and embrace healthy lifestyles through education and wellness opportunities. 

For more information on U-CAN, email the health division at  or call 920-849-1432.  Find us on Facebook at U-CAN(Calumet County Activity and Nutrition Coalition) or on Twitter  @calumetUCAN.  



2.  Excessive Drinking and Other Substance Misuse- REACH (Reducing Excessive Alcohol Consumption for Health).The goal of REACH is to reduce risky and unhealthy alcohol and other substance use to protect the health, safety, and quality of life for all, especially children. Find us on Facebook at REACH Calumet

          3. Mental Health- UCAN and REACH both incorporate promoting positive mental health into their action plans.

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