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Historic Preservation
When it comes to future development, historically significant sites and buildings are often forgotten or their importance is ignored.  Through community planning, these places of historic significance are not forgotten or ignored. Instead they are identified and recognized for the role they play in telling the history of Calumet County.  

Communities and land owners are often looking for assistance to help preserve and protect historic sites and buildings.  The Wisconsin Historical Society offers several programs and they are listed on the left.  These programs range from tax exemptions for archaeological protection, tax credits for historic buildings, and grants available to Certified Local Governments for preservation activities.    

“Life must be lived forward, but it can only be understood backward.” – Søren Kierkegaard. 

Calumet County History

Calumet County was organized in 1836 under the laws of Wisconsin Territory. In 1840, Calumet County’s territory was declared non-existent and it reverted back to Brown County. It was re-established in 1842 when the Act declaring Calumet County non-existent was rescinded.

Calumet County derived its name from a Menominee Indian Village lying on the east shore of Lake Winnebago. The name means ‘peace’ and signifies the Indian Pipe of Peace. Traces of prehistoric Indian mound builders can be found today as evidence of their earlier occupation.

The county seat, originally located in Stockbridge, was moved to Chilton in 1856. The county’s economy was based on agriculture and later on manufacturing. In 1839, Congress granted the Brothertown Indians rights of citizenship and in 1843 the Stockbridge Indians received similar recognition.

Records show that the first County Board meeting was held in 1851. The first courthouse and jail in the City of Chilton was a wooden structure built circa 1860 at the present site.

General Questions
For all general questions regarding historic preservation, contact the planner.

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