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Community Service Program
What Is Court Ordered Community Service? Court ordered community service is a punishment ordered by a judge that has reviewed your case. It is intended to make people who break the law pay back society. Community service is a common punishment for people who have been convicted of theft, driving under the influence and drug use. The amount of community service that is assigned to the person depends on the severity of the offense, the person's past criminal record and the type of offense that the person was convicted of.   Fulfilling Your Community Service Work  Once you have your court order for community service you will need to  find a position that meets the requirements for uncompensated community service.  A list of pre-approved community service work sites is available by calling or stopping by the District Attorney’s office.  This list is partial and certainly not the only options available.  Contact the program(s) that you are interested in and ask if they have an opening. If they have an opening in their program then you will need to schedule time to volunteer for that program. Examples of organizations that usually offer community service opportunities include animal shelters, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, road cleanup crews, religious organizations and non-profit organizations.  Remember, you have to have all of your community service logged in before your deadline.    It is important that you get your community service hours verified by the community service work site supervisor.  This documentation can be logged on a specific form that is provided by the Community Service Program or it may be on the organization’s letterhead.  The signature and telephone number of person in the organization that was supervising your work is required information on the form you turn in.  This is important to have complete to ensure you get credit for the community service that you serve.

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