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Corporation Counsel
The Calumet County Corporation Counsel works solely for Calumet County and does not give legal advice to the general public, including other municipalities and businesses.

If you need the advice of an attorney, please contact the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Lawyer Search hotline at 800-362-9082 or visit their website for assistance.

Duties of the Corporation Counsel

Wisconsin Statute 59.42(1)(c) states that “the duties of the corporation counsel shall be limited to civil matters and may include giving legal opinions to the board and its committees and interpreting the powers and duties of the board and county officers.”

In addition to representing Calumet County in all civil matters in which the County may be involved, the Calumet County Corporation Counsel also:

  1. Represents the State of Wisconsin / Calumet County Child Support Agency in the establishment of paternity, child support orders, modification of child support orders, contempt proceedings for failure to pay child support, and medical insurance orders.The Corporation Counsel does not represent the interest of either parent at any of these proceedings.
  2. Represents the Health and Human Services Department for the establishment of guardianships (WI Ch. 54) and protective services and placements (WI Ch. 55).
  3. Represents the Health and Human Services Department for the establishment of involuntary alcohol commitments under Wis. Stat. §51.45.
  4. Is statutorily responsible under Wis. Stat. §51.20(4) to represent the interests of the public in involuntary mental health commitments under Wis. Stat. §51.20.
  5. Represents the Health and Human Services Department in Children in Need of Protection and Services cases (WI Ch. 48).
  6. Represents the Health and Human Services Department in Termination of Parental Rights cases (WI Chap. 48).  
  7. Prosecutes County Ordinance violations, e.g. zoning, sanitary, and health.
  8. Provides formal and informal legal opinions to County Departments, the County Administrator and the County Board.

Kimberly Tenerelli
Corporation Counsel

Lisa Jodar
Legal Assistant

Rhonda Bohrmueller
Legal Assistant

206 Court St.
Chilton, WI 53014 

Phone: (920) 849-1443
Fax: (920) 849-1617


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8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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