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Small Claims
Details and Definitions of Small Claims
Review details of the small claims process such as cost, forms and definitions.

Party commencing the action.

Party the action is against.

Where to File
The county in which the Defendant lives or where the transaction took place.

You may review the appropriate small claims forms on the Wisconsin Courts site.

Filing Fee
Commencing the action, according to § 814.62(3)(a), requires $94.50 plus a $2.00 mail fee (per Defendant) if the defendant lives within Calumet County.

If Defendant lives outside of the county, he / she needs to be personally served.Said fee depends on the process server you hire.Should judgment be granted to the Plaintiff, the above mentioned costs will be added by the Clerk.

Defendant must be personally served.For the Court's convenience, we ask that the 5-day notice is attached to the Complaint at the time of the filing.It is a mandatory appearance for all parties.Should a Judgment of Eviction be granted, the Landlord has the option to file an Amended Complaint for rent and damages once they have regained possession of the premises.

Defendant must be personally served.It is a mandatory appearance for all parties.

Maximum Amount
$10,000.00 is the maximum settlement amount in small claims court.It is not a mandatory appearance for the parties to appear for the original return date if the request is for a money judgment.

The Defendant has the option of filing the Statement of Defense, stating the issues that are contested, prior to the scheduled return date to avoid having to appear.If the Defendant is in agreement with the facts stated in the complaint, there is no need to do anything but to contact the Plaintiff / Attorney to make payment arrangements, as a default judgment will be granted.

Upon the filing of the Statement of Defense by the Defendant, a notice will be mailed to the parties indicating the date and time for a Pre-Trial Conference, at which time all parties need to appear.

Docket Fee
There is a $5.00 fee to have the judgment placed on the Lien Index. This fee is to be paid by Plaintiff.Upon Judgment satisfied in full, a Satisfaction of Judgment should be filed by the Defendant for $5.00, to indicate to the abstractors that the lien has been satisfied.

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